Who uses the wedding car on the big day?

Jul 8, 2020

These definitive wedding cars are a sumptuous choice and come decorated in black over ivory. They are often more especially suited as second cars to any of our bridal cars.

If you’re planning a wedding, then the question of who actually uses the wedding car on the big day has likely come up. It’s an important logistical consideration. You want to make sure that everyone who needs to get from one location to another can.

You are, of course, free to arrange the travel on your wedding day in any way that you choose. But most couples find it useful to how wedding cars work and what happens under different scenarios so they can choose a setup that benefits them.

You can, in theory, use just one car, but you have fewer options than if you use more. Many couples use more than one car, as you’ll see below. Here’s how it works:

One-Car Weddings

The way that one-car weddings work is relatively straightforward. The bride arrives in the car before the ceremony with the person giving her away. The bride and groom then say their vows, get married and leave the wedding together, usually for the reception (or a hotel). The rest of the guests then have to make their way to the venue using alternative arrangements.

While this is a popular way of doing things, you can quickly see how it might not be ideal. There’s no room for the bridesmaids or other special guests, making timing and scheduling more of a challenge.

Two-Car Weddings

Two-car weddings are an attempt to solve this problem. Here, the bride travels with the person giving her away at the wedding as usual. But a second car transports the bridesmaids and the mother so that all arrive at the same time. The bridesmaids can then file into the venue before the bride finally enters. Then, once the ceremony is over, the bride and groom can travel to the reception in one car and the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other family members in the other.

While this setup solves the problem for the bridesmaids, it still means that the groomsmen have to find their own way to the wedding and don’t have transportation of their own. For many weddings, there’s a need for at least one more car.

Three-Car Weddings

Three-car weddings help to solve some of the problems that you might encounter with the other two setups.

A three-car wedding works something like this: the bridesmaid and the person giving her away arrive in the first car, the bridesmaids and the mother in the second, and the groomsmen in the third. This method means that all of the relevant people required for the ceremony can arrive and depart at the same time without having to make their way separately.

At the end of the ceremony, it’s slightly different from before. The bride and groom are in one car, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen are in another. There’s then a third vehicle to transport some of the other VIP guests, including the parents of the couple or people who struggle with mobility.

If there are more people in the party as a whole, nothing is stopping you from using more cars. The purpose of using two or more cars is to help the logistics of the big day go more smoothly with fewer delays.

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