What Should I Ask Before Picking A Wedding Car?

Jul 8, 2020

What should I ask before picking a wedding car? It’s a common enough question, when you’re planning your big day and want to make sure your transport to and from the ceremony is as stylish and luxurious as possible. How you arrive at your chosen wedding venue can make a big difference to your nuptials and finding the correct car can take a lot of worry away! 

Choosing your Wirral wedding car can depend on a range of different factors, from the number of people you need to accommodate and the venue you’ve chosen right through to the theme and style of your wedding.  

There will, of course, be lots of other questions that come to mind when you’re looking for the right transport, so we’ve put together a guide to everything you need to think about before you choose a wedding car.  

Questions to Ask Before Picking a Wedding Car 

  • What kind of wedding cars are available to choose from? 

It makes sense to match your wedding car to the theme and style of your wedding. Many couples are now opting for retro or vintage themes, for which a classic car like our Daimler DS420 or our Royale Windsor would make a sterling choice. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a vintage theme in mind, however, just the luxury and comfort a classic wedding car can provide is enough to make your journey something to remember and provide a talking point for years to come.  

  • How Many Wedding Cars Do We Need?  

This depends on the number of family members, friends or other loved ones you are including. Many couples opt for two or three cars at most, whilst some simply want one car only, that will seat a few guests. We’re happy to discuss all your requirements with you prior to making a final booking.  

  • Is it Possible to Save Money on Wedding Cars? 

Yes it is possible to save money and find affordable wedding transportation, especially if you are worried about the (sometimes) high costs that a wedding can incur. We always offer extremely competitive pricing and would be happy to talk to you about the type of cars you require, the distances you are travelling and the number of guests you need to accommodate. We can offer up to fifty percent, according to the information you give us.  

  • How Many Seats Are in Each Wedding Car?  

When you’re booking your wedding cars, it’s worth checking with us how many seats each car has. Some of our cars, such as our Imperial Viscount Landaulette seat up to six passengers, our Daimler DS420 Limousine seats seven. We’ll always ask you how big your party is and how many people you need to accommodate. Remember to consider other factors such as the size of the bride’s dress, as that may require more than one car seat.  

  • Who Travels with Who in Each Wedding Car? 

Of course, it is very much up to the couple as to who travels with who, and there really are no set in stone rules to follow, after all a wedding is a very personal and special day, and many of us have different familial circumstances. However, for those who value a traditional rule of thumb to follow then this is usually the acceptable way for wedding transport to be organised:  

  • The Groom and Best Man travel together in one car and possibly a second car for parents and Groomsmen 
  • The Bride and her Father generally go in the same car the Groom went in 
  • The Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride follow on in the car that the Groomsmen went in earlier 
  • What are the Timings for Arrival at the Ceremony and the Venue?  

When organising vintage wedding car hire, it is normal for the wedding party to arrive in the following order. The Grooms side including any Ushers travel to the ceremony first, they are then followed by the guests. The Bridesmaids and the Mother of the Bride then arrive and the last people to make their entry should be the Bride and the Father of the Bride or whoever is giving her away. Once the ceremony has taken place, the Bride and Groom leave first for the reception, followed by the rest of the bridal party and all the guests.  

  • What if Something Unforeseen Happens and We Need to Cancel Our Wedding Cars?  

When you make your classic wedding car hire booking with us, we’ll talk you through every stage of the process, including wedding car rental prices and what happens in the event you need to cancel your cars. We’ll give everything to you, regarding your booking, in writing – including all the dates, times and costs. Make sure you read all the small print. It can also help to make sure that you’ve got wedding insurance, and if that will cover any such incurred costs. If you know you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible.  

Choosing a Wedding Car with Barrington Wedding Cars 

A wedding car hire company such as Barrington Wedding Cars Liverpool , with a great reputation as a family run business can really help make a big difference to your day.  

We offer a great range of classic bridal cars that will suit a wide variety of wedding themes and styles, as well as accommodating all your passengers, too. We offer competitive pricing and an unrivalled service that is professional, friendly and welcoming.  

Let us help you to make the right choice for your wedding day transport in the Wedding Car Hire Wirral. So why not contact us today for a chat about all your transport needs, then relax and leave the rest to your wedding car specialist: 

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