What Car Should I Use For My Classic Style Wedding?

Jul 8, 2020

What car should I use for my classic wedding style? We’re told that our wedding day is the most important day of our lives and to that end it makes sense to make a suitably impressive and grand entrance. 

Making a decision on the type of wedding transport you have is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Thinking about the number of guests you need to accommodate, alongside who travels with who are all requirements that need careful consideration. 

For a real touch of class, you need a classic wedding car. The 20th century, and particularly the first few decades, were the era of elegant driving. If you’ve built up a grand entrance in your head, then a motor from the 1930s or 1940s is just the ticket to arrive in style. 

Choose a classic car to match a classic themed wedding and opt for Barrington’s wedding Cars to make your wedding day transport that bit extra special.

Why Choose a Classic Wedding Car?

A classic wedding car offers a stylish and attractive way to arrive at your wedding and be the envy of all your guests.

It doesn’t matter whether you are opting for a traditional wedding, a retro theme or any other style of your choosing, deciding to book a vintage car for your special day takes all the worry out of transporting your loved ones and guests around.

It needn’t cost the earth either, discounts can sometimes be offered if more than one car is required, too. It’s always worth contacting us directly to see what we can offer.

Our range of Classic Wedding Cars

Take a look at our list of classic cars. We have a wide range of high quality vehicles to offer, all finished to a very high standard. Our cars make for a perfect addition to your wedding photos too, styled in classic black and white they provide a beautiful backdrop. Here’s a little more information about the cars we can offer, to make your wedding day a special and memorable occasion.

Imperial Viscount Landaulette 

The Imperial Viscount Landaulette is one of the latest additions to our fleet of vehicles. It is a car that will seat six passengers and has a very luxurious leather interior, it’s a car worth bearing in mind if the bride has a larger wedding gown that takes up more space, this is a fantastic wedding car, and will suit a wide range if wedding day themes and styles.

If you require more than one car, pair this up with our vintage Daimler Limousine to accommodate extra guests that also want to arrive at the venue and reception in complete comfort and style.

Royale Windsor 

If mid-century chic is the order of the day, the Royale Windsor is a winning combination of 1940s sleek elegance and smart design. Finished with black ivory over a cream interior it is a winner for eye catching wedding pictures.

With its wide opening doors, it provides the perfect way to make an entrance and a high roof for easy access. It boasts a very spacious interior, making it the perfect choice for any bride who has opted for a full style gown.

Badsworth Landaulette (Model A Ford)

Our Model A Ford harks back to the Landaulette style, a noted feature of plush cars of the 1930s. Of course, this was a time in the 20th century in which the car passengers were always considered to be more important than the chauffeurs themselves!

The Badsworth has a rear section which neatly folds down. This means that on warm summer wedding days passengers can have a gentle breeze to keep them cool, without ruining their wedding attire. A convertible car such as this allows for great photo opportunities and (as is always the case with the British weather) if there is a sudden change in the elements the bride and passengers can quickly be protected.

The car will tone in beautifully with ay bridal scheme, as it is based on a neutral black and ivory theme, boasting a sumptuous cream leather interior.

Daimler DS420

Our Daimler DS420 Limousine wedding cars are a perfect option for transporting larger numbers of passengers. In fact, they seat up to seven people. They’re also an excellent choice for brides who have more than one or two bridesmaids because of their capacious seating and space for gowns.

The back three seats of the car will fold up to neatly accommodate a larger dress, or a fuller bridal gown, so even if there are no bridesmaids in the car, the bride can still travel in comfort.

These definitive wedding cars are a sumptuous choice and come decorated in black over ivory. They are often more especially suited as second cars to any of our bridal cars.

Barringtons Cars – For All Your Classic Wedding Car Needs

If you are considering a classic wedding car to make your special day go with a swing, then Barringtons Cars are the family based business to choose.

We’ve been serving the local community in Liverpool, the Wirral and Cheshire for over forty years now and know a thing or two about making nuptials a relaxed, happy and friendly experience.

It doesn’t matter if you want one car or multiple vehicles, we can do our best to accommodate your needs. So give us a call, or have a look at our range of wedding cars to see what we have to offer. We won’t be beaten on price, professionalism or quality. Our wedding cars.

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