Wedding Transport Etiquette – Frequently Asked Questions

Jul 8, 2020

What are the main wedding transport etiquette frequently asked questions? You may be planning the transport for your big day and need answers to the queries you have surrounding the type of car to choose, and how much to spend.  

There are also other considerations such as how many cars to hire, who goes in the different cars and whether or not the groom needs a car.  

If you’re looking at hiring a classic wedding car for your nuptials, then it’s important to choose a well established name you can trust, with a proven track record for providing quality classic cars at a reasonable cost. Barringtons Cars can do all this.  

However, if you do have any questions about your wedding transport, we can answer them below.  

Do I have to provide transport for guests?  

It isn’t a necessity to provide wedding transport for your guests, but it is a welcome and thoughtful addition that can often make people’s lives easier on the big day.  A lot of couples provide a coach or a popular choice is a vintage bus,

Instead of any worry about finding or booking transport such as taxis and trains, having vehicles provided by a reputable wedding car service means that guests can follow your wedding schedule, will arrive when you want them to and will be able to relax and enjoy their time at the wedding without any worry.  

Remember to inform all your guests of your transport schedule so they’re all aware of how the day will be run.  

Who goes in the car with the bride? 

Traditionally, the bride will travel in one car with her father or whoever is giving her away, but there really aren’t any rules to follow and it really depends on your family dynamics! The bride could travel with any relative, friend or other loved one who she is close to.  

Sometimes she may also choose to have her bridesmaids in the car too. Often, the bridesmaids will travel in another car with the mother of the bride. However, with smaller weddings it might be the case that the bride, her father and one bridesmaid travel together in one vehicle.  

Whatever classic wedding car you choose, another main consideration is to make sure that the bride’s gown will fit onto the seats!  

Does the groom need a car?  

It depends on a lot of details but traditionally the groom and best man will usually travel together in one car and arrive at the ceremony venue approximately thirty to forty five minutes before the bride and her entourage do. 

Who travels with who?  

Whilst there really are no hard and fast rules as to who goes with who in which car, as a guideline wedding tradition dictates that the following people travel together.  

  • The Groom and Best Man travel together in a car and possibly groomsmen and parents etc in a second
  • The Bride and her Father then can travel in the same car the groom went int 
  • The Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride follow on in a the car the groomsmen etc went in

However, it really is up to the bride and groom and everyone’s family dynamics can be that little bit different or varied.  

Do they come with a chauffeur? 

All cars supplied by Barringtons wedding cars are finished to exceptional standards and driven by experienced, impeccable, uniformed chauffeurs, who will assist and compliment your wedding day to make it as memorable as possible. Our drivers are professional, courteous and provide a welcome touch of elegance to your day.  

How much should I spend?  

There is no doubt that weddings can be costly and choosing a classic wedding car is something that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. Making sure you have the right car to suit the style of the wedding, coupled with the number of guests you have can mean that you may need more than one or two cars to take loved ones and special guests from place to place on the big day.  

We’re happy to discuss any costs with you. We consistently offer very competitive pricing and would be happy to talk to you about the type of cars you require, how far you need to go and the number of guests attending. In some instances, we can offer a discount of up to fifty percent, according to the information you give us. 

Is it best to choose local?  

We’d always advise anyone choosing a wedding car to opt for a local, experienced company who know the area you live in and are familiar with all the different places weddings can take place in. We offer an unrivalled classic wedding car service across Liverpool, Cheshire, Merseyside and St Helens. Throughout the North West thousands of families have relied on us for over forty years to provide an efficient, professional and friendly service on what is the most important day of anyone’s life.  

Choose Barringtons Wedding Cars For Your Classic Wedding Car Hire 

Barringtons Wedding Car Hire is a professional and friendly specialist offering affordable and reliable wedding car hire. In business since 1978, we’re reliable and have many satisfied customers who have recommended us over the years.  

Travel in style to your wedding, in one of our beautiful chauffeur driven Wedding Cars for hire in Liverpool, Wedding cars Wirral, Wedding cars St Helens, Wedding Cars Southport, Wedding cars Merseyside and surrounding areas.  

Our wedding cars are all offered at extremely competitive prices for your special day. Contact us today or Check out our beautiful range of classic wedding cars.  

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