Tips On Choosing The Perfect Classic Car For Your Wedding

Jul 8, 2020

If you’re planning to get married soon, you’ve probably wondered how do I choose the best classic car for my wedding? More couples are choosing vintage and retro themes for their special day and selecting a vintage or classic car to transport themselves and their guests to and from their wedding ceremony and is a perfect way to mark the occasion in complete comfort and style. 

Classic wedding car hire offers you an opportunity to turn your big day into something that your friends and family will talk about for years to come, not to mention the wonderful photo opportunities these special vehicles create.

There are a wealth of different options to look at, as well as a host of classic or vintage cars to suit a wide variety of budgets, so finding affordable wedding transportation has never been easier.

Advantages of Hiring a Classic Car for your Wedding 

What are the advantages of hiring a classic car for your wedding? As well as the luxurious quality and timeless elegance of arriving at your chosen wedding venue in real style, there are many practical reasons to opt for a St Helens Wedding Car from Barrington Cars.


The size of your wedding car is all important. As well as thinking about the number of people you want to accommodate on your journeys (whether this be from your home, your wedding venue or to your reception) you also need to think about the practicalities of fitting a wedding dress in! The style of bridal dress can often dictate how big a wedding car needs to be, so remember to take this into account alongside considering how many people will be in the car. Some will only seat two to four people, whilst others might seat up to seven. Vintage cars come in a range of sizes and Barrington Cars are sure to have one that will match your requirements.


A plush, comfortable interior is often purely associated with modern wedding cars, but people often forget that the same can be true of classic wedding cars. Their interiors can be just as sumptuous and offer shelter from the elements during typically British weather – whatever the season. As well as being stylish and adaptable, a classic wedding car interior can suit a wide range of wedding themes as they are often finished in cream leather which won’t clash with any other wedding decorations.  


Who doesn’t want to arrive at their wedding ceremony in style, surprising their guests and delighting their loved ones? Arriving in a classic car is a stylish, luxurious and effortless way to make sure everyone is looking at the bride, groom and their family, for the right reasons. Whether your wedding has a retro theme or not, it’s the perfect reliable addition to your wedding day. Classic cars also offer great photo opportunities, and many wedding photographers love the chance to create vintage sepia or black and white toned pictures that couple neatly with the essence of the vehicle.  

Our range of Classic Wedding Cars 

We have a unique collection of wedding vehicles to suit a wide range of weddings, whether you’re opting for a themed celebration or not. Take a look at our list of classic wedding cars  

Imperial Viscount Landaulette 

One of our new additions to the Barringtons wedding Car hire Liverpool Fleet is our Imperial Viscount Landaulette. This is a six passenger car. Featuring a luxurious leather interior, and space for even the biggest of wedding dresses, this fantastic wedding is sure to tick all the boxes no matter what the theme for your big day is. 

This vintage car has been painted to match the rest of our fleet, for those wanting more than one car it can be paired up with our Daimler Limousine to accommodate extra guests that also want to arrive in style.  

Royale Windsor  

Combining 1940s styling with elegance and sleek design, our Royale Windsor wedding car has established itself as the luxury limousine market leader and is chosen often by brides and grooms wanting a little mid 20th century chic for their wedding.  

It is the perfect way to make an entrance, wit it’s wide opening doors  

It is the only way to make your entrance. It has wide opening doors, and high roof for easy access. It also has a very spacious interior, perfect for the bride who has opted for a dress with a full gown.  

This car, just like all our others, offers great photo opportunities. It is finished in black over ivory with gorgeous cream interior. 

Badsworth Landaulette (Model A Ford) 

The Badsworth wedding car, also known as the Model A Ford looks back to the popular Landaulette style which was all the rage during the  1930’s. Which was recognised as a time in history in which the passengers in the car were always more important their chauffeurs!  

This car has a rear section which folds down, so on warmer Summer wedding days, the passengers can experience a gentle breeze to keep them cool, without ruining the look of the bride. These cars, with convertible rear tops are becoming ever more popular as they allow good photo taking opportunities and mean that the bride can always be protected from the elements, if there is a sudden change in the weather.  

The Badsworth’s design is neutral black over ivory with sumptuous cream leather interior and walnut fittings, which we feel will tone in with any bridal colour scheme.  

Daimler DS420 Limousine 

The elegant and prestigious Daimler DS420 Limousine wedding cars benefit from being able to accommodate larger numbers of passengers, up to seven. This makes them a popular choice for larger weddings and an excellent choice for brides who have multiple bridesmaids, because of their capacious seating.  

However, even for brides who do not have a lot of bridesmaids, they’re still a good choice. If a fuller gown is being worn, the back three seats will fold up to neatly accommodate a larger dress.  

These definitive wedding cars are a sumptuous choice and come decorated in black over ivory. They are often more especially suited as second cars to any of our bridal cars. 

Why Hire Barrington Cars? 

We offer a bespoke service to all of our customers wishing to find the best wedding cars on the Wedding car hire Wirral. Whether you want one car, or several to accommodate a larger wedding party we can happily take care of all your needs. Take a look online at the services we offer and Check out our beautiful range of wedding cars.  

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