Thornton Manor wedding venue on the Wirral

Mar 4, 2021

What a day for a wedding at Thornton Manor….

For those who might not have heard of Thornton Manor on the Wirral, then its a place where dream weddings are made. And today’s lucky bride and groom are Samantha and Steve.

As with most bookings we take for our wedding cars for hire in Wirral. Communication usually starts a year or so before the wedding. Now a lot of this would depend on the day and time of year your wedding is on. In this case the wedding is on a Saturday the end of July. This also ties in with when the school summer holidays happen so a lot of school teachers get married.

As Samantha and Steve got i touch with Barringtons wedding cars in plenty of time and booked two wedding cars. They chose one of our Imperial Viscount Landaulettes as the main bridal car. If you haven’t seen one of these then have a look on our wedding cars page.

They tick all the boxes for a vintage wedding car. It has space for the dress, roof that lowers in seconds and the style of the 1920’s vintage cars. They also booked one of our Daimler ds420 Limousines which can carry up to & passengers. Making these an ideal wedding car for bridesmaids and guests.

Our work starts before the wedding day.

So as with every week we have weddings on, it starts well before the day. Mainly starting by fuelling the cars and then preparing them for the couples wedding day. It means on the wedding day we only have to arrive everywhere on time and look after our bride and groom for the day. And the bridesmaids, ushers, parents, family,  guests OK anyone we see at the wedding we are there to help.

Imperial Viscount Landaulette wedding car St Peter and Paul's Church crosby Liverpool Merseyside UK

Barringtons Wedding cars at St Peter and Paul’s Church in Crosby Liverpool Imperial Viscount Landaulette

Today’s wedding was in St Peter and Paul’s church in Crosby. As with most church weddings the bride lived close to the church. Picking the bridal party up and taking them to the church was a 5 minute journey.

This doesn’t mean it only takes 5 minutes to this, that’s just the travelling time. We arrived at the brides house 30 minutes before the service. As we always do we knock on the door and explain we are early and whenever you’re ready we are here.

Bride was on time, well nearly

The wedding service was 1.30pm which for St Peter and Paul’s church is the norm. It’s sunny so me and the other wedding car driver are enjoying the sun and a chat. Time is ticking but as we know its not far to the church.

About 25 past 1pm the front door opens and bridesmaids and the brides mum start coming out of the house. We both help them get into the Daimler limousine. The driver checks we are all OK and proceeds to take them to the church.

I then go to the house and see how Samantha is feeling and if she’s ready to leave. Time is slightly ticking along but nothing to worry about. As they say its the brides prerogative to be late. But today she’s not going to be that late as she’s ready to go.

What a lovely church St Peter and Paul’s is.

St Peter and Paul’s church is one of our most popular churches. Over the 40 odd years we have been doing wedding cars for, we have been here hundreds of times. So everyone’s in the church and we are enjoying the lovely weather July has brought us.

A typical wedding service at a church is between 40 minutes to just over an hour. Today as most couples don’t have a full nuptial mass is the lower end of the time.

When you have a wedding venue as lovely as Thornton manor on the Wirral as your wedding reception. Photographs tend to quicker at the church, that’s not saying you don’t get the photos you want. It’s because not everyday do you have the opportunity to be at a grade II listed Manor House.

Thornton Manor the wedding reception was nearly an hour away.

Now as we know the bride and groom for today’s wedding have booked our wedding cars to take them to Thornton Manor in Thornton Hough Ch63 on the Wirral. This is fine as we cover all of the Wirral wedding venues and have been to Thornton Manor hundreds  of times on weddings.

We have even done photo shoots with our wedding cars at the Manor. So we head for the tunnel and then it’s down the m56, now we try not to use motorways too much but to get to Thornton Hough it’s the best way. Plus its the quickest way to Thornton Hough and we want the happy couple to have the most time they can have at the venue.

We all arrive safely and when we go through the gatehouse the manor appears and so does one of the wedding organisers with a try with champagne for the bride and groom. We set the cars up outside the wedding venue so they can have some photographs with the wedding cars and then we thanks them, wish them well and drive off into the sunset back to base. The End well till next time.


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