Three Best Wedding Car Hire Options For Peaky Blinders Themed Weddings In Liverpool

May 16, 2022

One of the most popular TV shows of the last decade has undoubtedly been Peaky Blinders. Not only has the show drawn in millions of viewers, but it’s also sparked an entire fashion trend, and now the style is very much en vogue for wedding celebrations.

With Liverpool being a city that has provided multiple filming locations for the show, many weddings here are taking inspiration from that iconic 1920s/1930s style when planning their special day.

One of the best ways to achieve this overall wedding theme is by hiring the right wedding car. From photo backdrops to grand entrances and exits, the right vehicle can make all the difference in pulling off a Peaky Blinders-themed wedding.

But which Liverpool wedding cars are the best fit for this wedding theme? We’ve put together a list of three recommendations that are bound to nail the look you’re going for.

1. Imperial Viscount Landaulette

This 1930s-inspired wedding car will have you feeling like a member of high society on your way to an upper-class social engagement. The Imperial Viscount Landaulette is genuinely a head-turner with its raised carriage-style cabin and spoked wheels.

Inside, this wedding car boasts a luxurious cream leather interior and seating for up to six passengers – perfect if you plan on transporting your bridal party with you to the ceremony. Lastly, you can open the top of the rear seating section allowing you to drink in the outdoor elements as you make your way to your chosen destination.

Imperial Viscount Landaulette vintage wedding car outside the West Tower Aughton wedding venue liverpool merseyside uk, wedding transport

Imperial Viscount Landaulette wedding car outside the West Tower Aughton wedding venue liverpool merseyside uk

2. Royale Windsor

The Royale Windsor wedding car is another perfect match for your Peaky Blinders-inspired wedding. Boasting a lovely two-tone ebony and ivory finish, this is a perfect wedding vehicle for the bride, with its wide-opening doors and high roof providing ample room for a bride wearing a full gown.

If you plan on riding as a father and daughter, this is the perfect car for you and even has the option to fold down the rear of the car (taking only seconds). This feature offers protection from the wind while delivering your wedding photographer with an excellent opportunity to grab some stunning shots and videography.

Royale windsor wedding car outside The Titanic hotel wedding venue Liverpool Merseyside UK

Royale windsor wedding car outside The Titanic hotel wedding venue Liverpool Merseyside UK

3. Daimler Daimler DS420 Limousine

Want to feel like Tommy Shelby and the boys rolling up to a grand occasion? This Daimler DS420 limousine is the wedding car for you. Boasting a capacity of up to seven passengers, there’s room for all of your groomsmen in this incredibly stately and serene vehicle.

Better yet, thanks to its signature two-tone finish, it’s a perfect match to either of the bridal cars mentioned above and helps to tie in the overall look of your wedding Peaky Blinders-esque convoy.

So, there you have it, three perfect recommendations for Liverpool wedding cars that will suit a Peaky Blinders-themed celebration.

Daimler Limousine ds420 wedding car outside Croxteth hall liverpool

daimler limousine wedding car hire liverpool outside croxteth hall wedding venue liverpool merseyside uk

Speak to Barringtons Wedding Cars Today Regarding Your Liverpool Wedding Car Hire

With Liverpool filming locations including Stanley Dock, the Adelphi Hotel, and St. George’s Hall, the city has played an integral part in the storytelling of Peaky Blinders. Consequently, Peaky Blinders-themed wedding celebrations are on the rise, and if this is what you’re going for, you need to hire a wedding car to match.

Fortunately, at Barringtons Wedding Cars, our Liverpool-based wedding cars are the perfect match for this popular theme. These vintage vehicles, which span the 1930s and 40s, have the looks to match the TV show while boasting modern-day comfort and convenience, making them perfect for your wedding day.

To learn more about our selection of Liverpool wedding car hire options or book a visit to our showroom to view these cars in person, simply call us on 0151 933 5097 or send us an email at

We look forward to helping you pull off the perfect Peaky Blinders-style wedding celebration soon!

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