How to Choose the Best Liverpool Wedding Photographer

Jan 8, 2021


How to Choose the Best Liverpool Wedding Photographer by Wowtastic

There are a lot of people that refer to themselves as Liverpool wedding photographers and you may
know people personally – a friend, relative, or coworker – that does photography in their spare time.
But considering how precious your wedding memories are and the importance of choosing the best
wedding photographer for you and your event, how can you be sure you’re making the right choice?

There are a few things you can and should keep in mind when shopping for the best Liverpool
wedding photographer you can find. Obviously there is no right or wrong answer for this type of
decision and it does no good to spend a lot of time second guessing yourself after you’ve chosen
someone, but keep these things in mind before you make that choice.

Remember that the best wedding photographer will realise that you probably have your own ideas
about different photos you’ll want taken and will respect those wishes but will also have alot of
different ideas and suggestions of their own. Remember that a professional will have a lot more
experience than you in posing photographs and in using different elements of a wedding, so the best
Liverpool wedding photographer will do more than just set up the camera they will also give you
direction of making the best of any given location, the lighting and posing plus taking care of family
photos. Be respectful of their suggestions as well as bringing your own ideas to the table and you’ll
have some great photographs.

The best wedding photographer for you will also want to be mindful of the theme or tone of your
wedding and for the personality of you and your groom. An outdoors beach wedding will mean fun
poses whereas a more elegant wedding will mean more sombre and traditional poses. If you have a
Liverpool wedding and reception at an old cathedral and fancy country club then of course the best
wedding photographer for you won’t expect you and your groom to be running barefoot outside.
On the other hand being near the coast if you have a beach wedding or something more casual your
pictures should be more casual and relaxed.
The best Liverpool wedding photographer for you should be asking about the location of the
wedding and the tone of the pictures that you want to convey, also look at their portfolio to see
examples of what they have done previously.

Often the best Liverpool wedding photographers will be willing to set aside time to meet with you
prior to your big day so will organise an engagement shoot before so you can get to know how each
other works and to practice poses as well as discuss any issues or concerns about the day. Anyone
that just rushes you along and acts as if they don’t have time to talk to you or your guests is not
going to take the time to photograph your wedding properly so an engagement session is a fantastic
way to experience your Liverpool photographer firsthand.
Whilst many photographers need to take control during the day you don’t want someone who will
go overboard and hound you constantly they should make you feel as if you are important and
should take the time to really listen to your expectations, this is where experience sets in. Also it’s

important that your preferred choice has experience of working alongside other wedding suppliers
for instance we work well with Barringtons Wedding Cars because the drivers are professional plus
accommodating and make efforts to work with photographers and the couple to get the best

It might take some time to find the best wedding photographer for you but consider this time as
being an investment in your own wedding memories and enjoy choosing. When you see those
beautiful pictures that you know will last a lifetime then you’ll know it was well worth your efforts!

To speak to us about your wedding photography needs in Liverpool the Wirral or further afield we
are a husband and wife team (Natalie and Ian), established 11 years, photographed 350+ weddings
to date, fully insured and have the best kit available. To book an engagement session with us or just
to talk weddings please call 07885 867 032 or check out our website Wowtastic wedding photography

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