December wedding at the Palm House for Star Wars fans!!!!

Feb 21, 2021

How much weddings have changed in 2020…

So its a pandemic, weddings have been getting moved and cancelled. Restrictions have been the order of 2020 and weddings have been hit hard along with the whole of the hospitality industry. But its always nice to get back on the horse so to speak and keep your hand in.

The day started in the morning cleaning the wedding car and making it covid secure. These days we use a fogger which uses a vaporisation treatment inside our wedding cars. This disperses non-toxic, noncorrosive disinfectant into the air killing 99.99% of known viruses, bacteria and fungi including Coronavirus. Then its onto cleaning the outside of the wedding car which we have done for over 40yrs, so that’s nothing new. After all this is done it’s time to get suited and booted and then i’m off.

The bride needed picking up on the Wirral.

The groom was making his own way to the Palm house in Sefton Park. So today it was just the brides side of the wedding party we needed to transport. As the pick up was in Parkgate on the Wirral it was about 30 minute journey from the showroom. And as usual i left early, just in case of any diversions etc. Nowadays sat nav is easy on weddings but a lot of the time we still use maps. Today google took me down an unadopted road which is why we still use maps. This wasn’t an issue it was just a little bit bumpy but as we didn’t have the bride in the car it was fine.

A minute later i’m at the house and a few of the neighbours where out all socially distance of course. Some even having a glass of champagne, thanks for the offer but drinking on the job is something we definitely can’t do. The fact that neighbours are out in December to watch the bride leave the house goes to show how well they must be thought of. So i knock on the door and stand back as is now what we have to do, tell the dad no panic i’m early. About 20 minutes later the bridal party came out and some got in a taxi and i had the pleasure of taking Lucy and her dad and wow she looked stunning.

Off to the get married at the Palm house.

I knew it would take just over half an hour to get from the brides pick to the wedding venue. As everyone left on time it meant we arrived at the Palm house on time. If you’ve never been to the Palm house in Sefton Park then you need to. It’s a stunning Grade ll* listed building, the jewel of Sefton Park and an iconic Victorian Glasshouse.

When you drive around Sefton Park you get to one end by the Fairy Glen. You then follow the road to the glasshouse and pull up to the gates. At this point some friends of the brides where waiting. We manged to get some photos in the back of the wedding car. We enter the grounds of the Palm house and i drive around the side which is the entrance the bride goes in. Photographers at the ready, and they get photos as she’s getting out of the wedding car and into the venue.

A Wookiee tall groom!!!

vintage wedding car outside the palm house sefton park with the tallest groom barringtons have ever had

So with wedding in 2020 seeing the bride and groom before the day for say viewing the wedding cars, stopped. As i said the bride looked stunning on her wedding day, but i hadn’t seen the groom yet. As i needed to wait so i could take them to a restaurant in the Albert Dock, it was only then i would see everyone. When everyone started coming out of the Palm house you’re never usually sure of who’s who. There was no mistaking Arie the groom as he was 6ft 11 inches. And i’ve since found out he’s had parts in Star Wars. No guessing which part he has helped with and thats Chewbacca the Wookiee warrior in Star Wars.

You will see on the photos, he’s the only guy who can lean on the Imperial Viscount wedding car and make it look small. One thing these wedding cars aren’t and that is small. Normally the space is need to the brides wedding dress but today it was legroom. Some great photo taken, mostly in the dark and then it was time to load up and take the short journey to the Albert Dock. As nice a couple as you’ll meet and a pleasure to have been a small part of there wedding day and Arie was definitly a gentle giant.

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